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“Nuestra Asistente Medica Gloria Giron es billingue que con mucho gusto le ayudara en caso que necesite asistencia con alguna traduction.”

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At The Art of Medicine Direct, PLLC, Tabetha Simpson, MD, and Jeffrey Cardwell, MD, use their extensive experiences as family practice physicians in Charlotte, North Carolina, to make healthcare decisions in collaboration with the men and women who visit their office. They believe that insurance companies and health care conglomerates, preoccupied with their own agendas, have interfered with the doctor-patient relationship. Frustrated with the high costs, lack of preferred choices, and patient dissatisfaction with the current state of health care, Dr. Simpson and Dr. Cardwell are on a mission to improve medical outcomes for the men and women of Charlotte.

Our Family doctors in Charlotte, NC offer high-quality primary health care at surprisingly affordable prices.

What people are saying

  • stars
    Dr. Hughes took his time to make sure he thoroughly understood what was going on with my husband. Then he offered his expert advice and treatment. He also outlined future treatments reassuring us and alleviating our fears.
    David H.
  • stars
    He is awesome
    Nisha K.
  • stars
    Dr. Hughes is an excellent Doctor. He listens to his patients and prescribes the best possible course of action.
    James S.
  • stars
    Nice staff very welcoming as soon as I stepped foot in the office ..Jeffery Cardwell is one of the best doctors I have found he is very caring and compassionate about your healthcare needs...highly recommended
    Christy G.
  • stars
    Everyone was very nice and helpful. Especially the doctor himself.
    Chrystian A.
  • stars
    The very best care for over 20 years. I am so grateful that Dr. Hughes and his team are such an important extension to my family.
    Christine C.
  • stars
    Dr. Hughes listens without judgement, questions to make sure he thoroughly understands the circumstances, and then equips the patient to remedy the situation. I always leave his office with hope.
    Denise H.
  • stars
    I have been a patient of Dr. Hughes for 16 years, having worked for him years before that. He is hands down the best doctor you will ever find. I recently started laser treatments for wrinkle removal and I am shocked! It literally melts them away and I look years younger! Highly recommend this for anyone!!! The whole office treats you like a friend, not a number. Very refreshing!
    Reshia G.
  • stars
    It's nice to be able to go to your Doctor and not be rushed. Dr. Cardwell has always been attentive and he now has the time to really listen.
    Ricky J.
  • stars
    I have been a patient of Dr Cardwell for many years. He is very knowledgeable and has always educated himself on issues I have had to deal with. His new office at The Art Of Medicine was much more relaxed and I appreciated the extra time with Dr Cardwell. The membership is very affordable. I highly recommend Dr. Cardwell and the Art Of Medicine.
    Cheryl H.
  • stars
    The best doctor visit I ever had. I made appointment online on Sunday for 10am Monday. I received a call Monday morning and to my surprise they were able to fit me in. When I arrived for my appointment I was the only patient. Greeted with smile from Madea and went right in to see Dr Caldwell. He sat with me took care of why I came in pretty quick. And then he spent probably 10 minutes talking about my health asking if I had any questions making suggestions I felt like he actually cared. I have to tell you never felt that way. Like I said the best experience
    Jeff T.
  • stars
    Dr. Hughes and Midea are the best!
    Kim J.
  • stars
    Dr. Cardwell, Is the most wonderful Dr. I have ever gone too. He is very up to date on medical issues, and is always concerned with my health. I have been going to Dr. Cardwell since 1989 when I moved to Charlotte, I am paying out of my pocket just because he is such a wonderful provider. Any one would be glade to have him as their provider. He spends at least 1 hour with all his patients. This is what medicine is all about. I don't understand why insurance company's don't pay for this type of practice the expense is much better than dealing with the other provider office owned by hospitals. I would recommend this office, provider, and staff to anyone that is looking for a one on one relationship with their provider and staff.
    Karen H
  • stars
    The staff is very helpful, friendly and kind. Dr. Hughes explained everything to me and was gentle with my first laser treatment for my Melasma. I’am so pleased I found this delightful office.
    Crystal E
  • stars
    Dr. Cardwell is very attentive to my wellbeing and health. Very informative and thorough. I would recommend to anyone.
    Lakeesha G.
  • stars
    Great Experience...Love seeing Dr. Cardwell
    Christy G.
  • stars
    Dr. Hughes has been my primary physician for 25 years. I have been in good hands. He is up to date with the latest health practices and my good health is a direct result. I plan to keep Dr. Hughes as my doctor for 25 more years, God willing.
    Steven D.
  • stars
    Where to begin... Dr. Hughes was my in-laws family doctor, and also my wife's doctor all her life, and from my first visit to the last it has always felt like what family doctors are like in the movies (#DocHollywood). What this means to me, simply put, is when he built this current practice, I was fed into a system of health lacking any true care. When I realized my main insurance provider and his practice could co-exist, I finally found my way back with more money in my pocket and the only family doctor I've ever met that is a true artist in his craft with impeccable bedside manner. Just set an appointment with him, he'll change everything you know about how healthcare should be delivered on a personal level.
    Brandon S.


Services offered by the best family doctors in Charlotte NC

Prevention & Wellness

Acute Health Problems

Hormone Evaluations and Treatments

Chronic Disease Management

Sports Participation and Injury Evaluations

Anxiety, Depression, ADHD Evaluation and Treatment

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Direct Primary Care

“We offer direct primary care to establish strong personal and professional relationships with our patients as family medicine physicians in Charlotte, NC, by removing the middlemen of insurance companies and large bureaucratic health systems from the exam room.”

“This helps our experienced medical doctors provide you with competent, comprehensive, and truly patient-centered primary healthcare services in Charlotte, NC.


Choose between Basic and Comprehensive memberships depending on your needs.  Get same-day access to your family doctor with either one, for a wide range of acute and chronic medical care services during business hours and access to your personal physician by phone for urgent medical issues or questions.  On-line messaging to your doctor and access to your medical information through a patient portal is always available.

Your membership includes a yearly annual exam with standard blood work for no charge, routine and follow up visits for a nominal scheduling fee, and DPC discounts on lab work and procedures performed in the office.  All visits spent with physicians are allotted 30-60 minutes to give you the time you deserve to discuss your concerns.

Our physicians have expertise in maneuvering the complex “healthcare” systems in place today to save our members out of pocket costs whenever possible.  Our accessibility reduces costly urgent care or emergency room visits whenever possible.  These costly visits often escalate investigative costs unnecessarily.  When your physician can spend sufficient time at your visits to get to know you and your medical concerns, investigating problems can be streamlined and cost efficient.

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Bruce W. Hughes

Bruce W. Hughes, MD
Direct Primary Care

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Jeffrey Cardwell

Jeffrey Cardwell, MD
Direct Primary Care

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Tabetha Simpson

Tabetha Simpson, M.D.
Family Medicine Specialist

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