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    1. "Jeff Cardwell and Bruce Hughes are professional, affordable and confidential physicians."

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    1. "Dr. Jeffrey Cardwell is an absolute godsend. You will not find better!"

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    1. "Thank you Dr. Cardwell for being dedicated to excellent patient care."

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    1. "I have been with Dr. Hughes since 1992 and I absolutely love him."

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    1. "I do not think it's possibly to find a better doctor than Dr. Bruce Hughes!"

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    1. "Thank you Dr. Hughes & Dr. Cardwell for all that you do!"

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At The Art of Medicine Direct, PLLC, Bruce Hughes, MD, and Jeffrey Cardwell, MD, use their extensive experiences as family practice physicians in Charlotte, North Carolina, to make health care decisions in collaboration with the men and women who visit their office. They believe that insurance companies and health care conglomerates, preoccupied by their own agendas, have interfered with the doctor-patient relationship. Frustrated with the high costs, lack of preferred choices, and patient dissatisfaction with the current state of health care, Dr. Hughes and Dr. Cardwell are on a mission to improve medical outcomes for the men and women of Charlotte. Learn more⇒

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Coronavirus and the Art of Medicine Direct

We all find ourselves in unsettling times as we struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic. The good news from the Art of Medicine Direct is that we are here, open and ready to handle the medical needs of our members and new members.

Coronavirus Masks

After hearing misinformation about masks on TV, I decided to try to clear up the issue a bit. The news media clearly did not understand that all face masks are not the same. I hope this helps. Masks are helpful only if used correctly.

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