At The Art of Medicine Direct, PLLC in Charlotte, North Carolina, Tabetha Simpson, MD and Jeffrey Cardwell, MD use their extensive experiences as family practice physicians to make health care decisions in collaboration with the men, women and children who visit their office.  They believe that insurance companies and healthcare conglomerates, preoccupied with their own agendas, have interfered with the doctor-patient relationship. Practicing in the Charlotte area for nearly 30 years, they have witnessed the many changes in healthcare and payment systems.  Some of these changes have been good, but many have not.

Are you:

  • Tired of taking off work to be seen and waiting in the lobby for an hour, then waiting disrobed in the exam room for another hour?
  • Tired of finally getting an appointment after weeks of waiting, only to be told that you can only talk to the doctor about 1 or 2 issues?
  • Tired of looking at your doctor’s back or side, while he/she feverishly pecks at his/her computer, and wonder if he/she is even listening to you?
  • Tired of waiting for two weeks and two hours to finally see your doctor about a serious concern you have, and the doctor spends only 5 minutes with you and gives you 3 prescriptions that you are not sure what they are for or even how to safely take them?
  • Tired of spending hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars for very little caring?
  • Frustrated with the confusing payment systems where you do not know what the charges are for, what you owe, or what will be paid by your insurance?

Everyone is a patient at some point, and everyone deserves a caring physician who will listen, take time to explain what you need to know and give you a clear plan that suits your needs. They deserve to understand what this service will cost with transparent fees and high value. They deserve to choose whom they will see, and to develop a long, trusting and lasting relationship with someone who takes time to get to know them and gives them choices for their healthcare, guiding those choices with understanding and experience.

Dr. Simpson and Dr. Cardwell are on a mission to improve medical outcomes and experiences for the men, women and children of Charlotte. They opened The Art of Medicine Direct, PLLC, with a completely different approach—direct primary care (DPC). By following this model, they no longer participate with insurance or billing companies, or third-party payers. This dramatically reduces the expenses for The Art of Medicine Direct, PLLC, and those savings are passed on to you if you purchase a DPC membership. It also keeps that third party out of your exam room. For many people, this is a much more affordable solution because, as family physicians, Dr. Simpson and Dr. Cardwell have broad training to take care of most of a person’s medical needs, saving resources which can be used, along with the health insurance, for the purpose for which it was designed—for the unexpected, unpredictable, serious medical conditions such as emergencies, trauma, surgery, cancer or hospitalization.

If someone told you that you could have a board-certified physician see you today, with less than a 5-minute wait, spend an hour with you, listening, discussing and planning your care, would you believe them? If you could get a yearly physical, have your chronic problems monitored according to current guidelines with labs for an entire year, and have same day service for minor issues like sprains, colds and infections for under $700 a year, would you believe them? You should, because you are probably talking to a patient of The Art of Medicine Direct, PLLC.


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