Transparent pricing is part of controlling the cost of healthcare.

At the Art of Medicine Direct you will always know the cost of a test or procedure in advance.

The Art of Medicine Direct is not insurance and does not participate with any commercial insurance plans, Medicare or Medicaid.
We cannot file any insurance claims on your behalf.

Test Pricing

Complete Blood Count (CBC) $15
Complete Metabolic Panel $25
Prostate Cancer Screening $30
Hgba1c (Test for Diabetics) $20
Lipid Profile $30
Thyroid Test $25
Pregnancy Test (Urine) $20
Rapid Flu Test $45
Rapid Strep Test $20
Papsmear $70
Testosterone Levels $35
Vitamin D Level $50


Laceration Repair (simple) $75
Laceration Repair (complex) $100
Benign Mole Removal $65
Skin Biopsy (simple) $175
with pathology
Skin Biopsy (complex) $275
with pathology
Nexplanon insertion or removal $200


Prevention & Wellness

Acute Health Problems

Hormone Evaluations and Treatments

Chronic Disease Management

Sports Participation and Injury Evaluations

Anxiety, Depression, ADHD Evaluation and Treatment