About Dr. Simpson

Tabetha Simpson, MD is a family medicine specialist who has been practicing medicine in the Charlotte community since 2012, caring for patients of all ages and stages of life.

Dr. Simpson believes the foundation of a healthy and effective patient-doctor relationship is built on trust and respect and was attracted to the direct primary care model because of the opportunity to have the time to get to know each patient and to be able to develop an individualized plan of care based on that person’s values and health goals. She is committed to maintain the highest standards of knowledge and practice to use in service of her patients.

Born and raised in Mississippi, Dr. Simpson has called North Carolina home for 20 years. She is a graduate of Appalachian State University where she studied biology and chemistry and attended Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University where her draw toward family medicine was nurtured and fed. She lives in Charlotte with her husband Joseph and their dogs Milton and Lucille.