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Taking care of your skin is important for overall health as well as reducing the outward signs of aging. The Family Physicians at the Art of Medicine Direct, PLLC can care for a variety of skin conditions like comprehensive skin exams for cancer screening, skin biopsies for diagnosis, rashes, skin infections and lacerations. We can also use our PiQo4 state of the art laser to treat pigmented lesions such as melasma, sun damage and age spots. Laser treatments can also rejuvenate the skin, improve skin tone resulting in younger looking skin. Whether your goal is preventative skin care or aesthetic improvement our compassionate staff is here to help. We are not dermatologists, but we consult with and refer to excellent local dermatology specialists if care is needed beyond the scope of primary care. To schedule an appointment, you can request an appointment or call our office.

Dermatology Q & A

What can I expect during a skin exam?

A skin exam is important for the early detection of cancer. Your primary care provider specializes in recognizing irregular moles, freckles, and blemishes that may be cancerous or have the potential to become so in the future. The earlier the cancer is detected, the easier it is to treat.

In addition to regular in-office exams, doing self-exams at home is recommended. They can help you recognize normal skin patterns on your body, so that when you do come across something new or different, you will have a better chance recognizing and having it checked out by your doctor as soon as possible.

What happens during a skin biopsy?

A skin biopsy is necessary for your doctor to diagnose certain diseases and skin cancer. It’s also used to identify infections and other skin disorders. There are several types of biopsies:

  • Shave biopsy: a thin layer is shaved from the top of the lesion in question
  • Punch biopsy: a circular section is “punched” through the lesion in order to remove multiple layers
  • Incisional biopsy: a scalpel is used to take a small sample from a large lesion
  • Excisional biopsy: a scalpel is used to remove the entire lesion

It typically takes a week or two to determine the results of a skin biopsy. A pathologist will view your tissue under a microscope to help determine if it requires further treatment.

What skin changes need to be evaluated by a doctor?
  • Sore that won’t heal
  • Areas that bleed easily
  • A new dark or black pigmented spot
  • A spot seems to be growing rapidly
When should I seek treatment for a rash?

Rashes can appear in different forms and textures, and it’s difficult to determine if they’re harmless or serious. You should contact your doctor as soon as possible, if your rash is:

  • Affecting your whole body
  • Painful
  • Infected
  • Accompanied by a fever
  • Blistering

If your rash appears suddenly and is spreading rapidly, it can signal a serious allergy. Your doctor specializes in recognizing rashes that need immediate treatment. That’s why it’s important for you to pay attention and reach out.

What laser treatments are available?

The Art of Medicine Direct, PLLC, offers PiQo4™ laser treatments for an assortment of skin conditions, including:

  • Tattoo removal
  • Age spots
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Sun damage
  • Freckles
  • Melasma

PiQo4 laser treatments are a safe, noninvasive procedure for rejuvenating your skin and improving your appearance.

For more information about the dermatological services at The Art of Medicine Direct, PLLC, call the office or book an appointment online.


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