Direct Primary Care

The core philosophy of direct primary care is that health care decisions should be made by the patient and the doctor. A strong doctor patient relationship is essential to this process. As the methods of health care delivery have evolved, barriers have developed that interfere with the doctor patient relationship and shift choice away from the patient and the doctor to third parties – middle men. Over the years the HMOs, insurance companies and hospital systems have increasingly insinuated themselves and their needs and agendas between the doctor and the patient. Inadvertently, these changes have increased costs, distracted the physician and deprived the patient of choices for their own health management.

A Direct Primary Care practice is the solution. By removing the middle men as much as possible, comprehensive and truly patient-centered primary health care is affordable, transparent, and confidential. Removing middle men requires that a DPC practice not participate with or bill third party. We do not bill insurance. Participating with insurance plans dramatically increases the overhead for a medical clinic which gets passed on to the patient. We have eliminated that overhead expense and pass the savings on to you instead.

Why choose The Art of Medicine Direct for your direct primary care medical home membership.

  • We offer more personal, comprehensive care at an affordable price. We focus on treating the whole person (the “whole You”) and want to address the sources of your health concerns.
  • Visits are 2 to 3 times the length of traditional primary care offices.
  • You can get a same day or next day appointment with a doctor who already knows you.
  • Average wait time is five minutes (often less)
  • We help you develop a personalized lifestyle program that promotes optimal health rather than only treating symptoms with medications.

We know from personal experience that is is no longer possible to provide this level of primary care in a traditional insurance based model. Office visits in a traditional medical clinic usually provide an average of 8 minutes with the physician. Many physicians are frustrated with the short visits that only allow time to treat the symptoms rather than addressing the roots of illness and the factors contributing to chronic disease.

Dr Hughes: “I want to do something about it. The DPC medical home is part of the solution to our mutual dissatisfaction with the current state of health care delivery. I believe in it so strongly I left the practice I started over 25 years ago and opened The Art of Medicine Direct.”

Do I still need insurance?

While a DPC membership at The Art of Medicine Direct meets your primary care needs, insurance is still necessary for expensive medical needs beyond the scope of primary care like hospitalization, surgery or emergencies. There are cost effective ways of obtaining this coverage including high deductible plans and Cost Sharing Groups like Healthshare ministries.


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